Vat Refund Process



  Shoppers eligible for Tax Free Shopping


●If you have a permanent residence in a non-EU country

●If you are older than 16 years

●If you spend more than 175.01 EUR

●If you buy less than 15 items (per Tax Free Form)


VAT Rate

Standard rate: 20 %

Pharmacy goods 10 %

Food, books: 5,5 %

Reduced rate for certain products and services: 2,1 %


Minimum purchase amount

175.01 EUR


Tax Free goods

Refunds are paid on all goods that are exported in the traveller’s personal luggage.

●Maximum 50 pieces of the same (identical) item

●Non-refundable goods:



   ●Cars and car parts


   ●Cultural relics older than 50 years

   ●Postal stamps


Tax Free Form

●The Form with ink Customs stamp is valid for 6 months following the date of purchase.

●The Pablo validated Form has an unlimited validity.

●An export validation must be obtained within 3 months following the month when the Form was issued.

●We accept the original ‘retailer's copy’ or ‘buyer's copy’ for tax refunds.



●If you have not received the prepaid envelope you can use a standard envelope (at your expense)

●In order to prevent a possible loss of the documents, we recommend you to use secured mail service (e.g. registered mail or courier- at your expense)

●Before sending the documents, please make a copy of them or write down Tax Free Form number (DOC ID) of each Form for your reference.

●In order to assure smooth processing of your refund send us just Tax Fee Forms filled in completely and correctly


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